by Pavel Karmanov

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"My new album is called “Innerlichkeit”, which is an old German word. It can be translated as genuineness, intimacy, “insideness”. Johannes Brahms, a composer whom I love, like many other composers sometimes used this word to describe his own music. It is about various, but mostly melancholic states of the human soul.

This cassette includes pieces that are somewhat different from the motoric style of my minimalistic works. In these compositions I was meditating, being both sad and filled with a quiet joy of existence.

The creation of the sextet “The City I Love and Hate” was initiated by my friend and fellow pianist, Alexei Lubimov. It is about my city - Moscow, where I’ve lived for almost 40 years. I love this place. But, each time I return to it from other places, I hate it for the suffocating smog; for the snow, black from dirt and chemicals; for the grim faces of passersby and for the fact that the changes in its external appearance are not always for the better. Soon, this feeling passes and I once more start enjoying the architecture, friends, and time with my family. Again I love Moscow for what it is.

The piece called “Past Perfect” was born in a close collaboration with my friend, pianist Ksenia Bashmet. I have been writing this piece for 9 months, an unusually long time for me, and can be said to have been struggling in agony, constantly rejecting the composed material. It is music about something to forget forever. The piece was written in a difficult time for me and life circumstances led to its sad mood. Surprisingly, it turned out to be consonant with the condition and state of Ksenia Bashmet and, therefore, we can say that we wrote the music together.

The three-part cycle “Innerlichkeit” is the most important work for me in recent years. The working process began as an attempt to write music about a romantic and complex relationship between a cancer patient and his nurse. The composition didn’t work out and, for a while, I gave up the idea. Later I became friends with a minister of the world's northernmost Orthodox Trifonov-Pechenga monastery, monk Damian. Communicating with him has helped me to arrange the music in a cycle that completes the disc. Here, I have tried to express the beauty of northern nature, the purity of monastic people’s souls. Just like a sculptor I cut off all of the unnecessary, optional, and superficial and tried to express my love for people, family, children, nature and God".

- Pavel Karmanov


released April 17, 2016

A1. The City I Love and Hate (2012)
Alexei Lubimov: piano
Elena Revich: violin 1
Nadezhda Artamonova: violin 2
Sergey Poltavski: viola
Evgeny Rumyantsev: cello
Grigory Krotenko: double bass

A2. Past Perfect (2014)
Ksenia Bashmet: piano

B3. Innerlichkeit (2009)
Olga Ivusheikova: flute
Petr Aidu: piano 1
Pavel Karmanov: piano 2
Valentina Borisova: harp
Vladislav Pesin: violin 1
Nadezhda Artamonova: violin 2
Sergey Poltavski: viola
Evgeny Rumyantsev: cello
Grigory Krotenko: double bass

Composed by Pavel Karmanov

Recorded by Mikhail Spasskiy, Small Hall of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, 2015-2016 (1,3)
Recorded by Alexander Volkov, Organ Hall of the Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music, Moscow, 2015 (2)

Edited by Alexander Volkov, Farida Uzbekova
Mixed, mastered by Alexander Volkov
Cover photo by Alexey Vylegzhanin

Special thanks to Alexander Sokolov (Rector of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory); Mikhail Khokhlov (Director of the Gnessin State Musical College)

Produced by Sergey Krasin
Ecexutive Producer: Dimitri Komedea


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